Seasonal Services

Fall leaf removal during the fall season as well as sprinkler system winterization are services we offer. Planting annuals is a service we offer during the fall months as we lose more color to the fall so we shoot to bring some color to everything.

Make the Investment

We can offer arrangements for porches for the fall colors using ornamental cabbages, mums, and bails of straw. We clean/blow the gutters and roof of leaf debris. Trimming and pruning of trees, shrubs, and bushes. Flowerbed cleanup keeps things looking great. Water feature winterization keeps things operating smoothly.

Landscaping and Your Garden

Trimming ornamental grasses helps things grow more and look beautiful in the end. Selective Pruning crepe myrtles helps to promote huge canopy blooms. Mulching Flowerbeds with our dyed cedar mulch process ensures years before replacement is needed and gives us the ability for dying the beds.

"We couldn't have been happier with Grand Junction Landscaping! We were really impressed with the work that they did, and their service was outstanding. I would highly recommend this company to everyone!"
--Stanley Cross, Grand Junction

Our Services

We offer a full range of residential landscape design and maintenance services.


Instead of just piling on more and more mulch on we make them look new again. Give us a call today to hear about all our Grand Junction Landscaping services.

Tree Removal

Call us for tree trimming and tree removal. We are available for tree trimming and removal services on an urgent basis, in emergency weather situations. Call us for a quote today!

Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you have a large space or small, Western Landscape will work with you to create your dream outdoor kitchen and eating space. And with a fireplace or firepit, you will enjoy your outdoor space the year-around!

Landscape Lighting

Our lighting systems provide functionality and beauty to your home. Call and ask about our lighting solutions today!

Eco-Friendly Landscape Maintenance

Our maintenance technicians are knowledgable and experienced with organic lawn and plant products to keep all of your outdoor spaces healthy and pest-free.

Lawn Care

We provide sod planting and maintenance, as well as installation of synthetic turf solutions. Contact us to discuss the best option for your needs.

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